A Feel For Fashion - Auroboros

Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello are a passionate, out-of-the-box fashion duo based in London. Innovators to the bone, the two creative directors founded in 2018, a digital platform that aim to push the boundaries of dressing by merging haute couture, technology, sustainability and science — all through a strong female-led vision. Aulbekova studied Fashion Communication & Promotion at Central Saint Martins and has lectured at Harvard Business School while Sello graduated from both Goldsmiths University and the Fashion Technology Academy. They appeared on Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022 under Art & Culture.

What excites you in fashion right now?


As a creative director duo, we are deeply inspired by the rapid advancements in AI and the development of new materials. The pace at which technology is integrating into our daily lives, becoming more ambient, excites us. It's the potential for technology to harmonise with nature, transforming our ecological relationships, that fuels our creativity. We are committed to leveraging these innovations to foster a more optimistic view of the future, one where humanity coexists with nature and technology in a sustainable and enriching way.


What is one reason to be optimistic about the state of fashion going forward?


Our optimism stems from our ongoing efforts to pioneer a new wave of sustainable fashion. We're energised by the shifting attitudes among Generation Z towards more sustainable fashion choices, be this through vintage shopping, a resurgence of DIY, or digital fashion. This gradual change signals a promising future for fashion, one that we're eager to influence. With AI's transformative power, we're at the brink of a new era. It's a thrilling time to be part of the fashion industry, as we stand on the cusp of a consciousness shift that impacts everything around us.


In what ways do you think AI might benefit fashion?


AI revolutionises the creation of fashion imagery, making what was once a costly and labour-intensive process accessible to many. While some may view this as a threat to traditional jobs, we see it as an exciting evolution. Embracing AI allows for unprecedented creativity in garment design, with unexpected and fresh results akin to collaborating with an alien mind. It's a journey into the unknown, and we invite everyone to embrace this future positively, as we collectively teach and shape this burgeoning AI consciousness.


Who or what will drive the greatest change in fashion this year?


We hope to be the catalysts for the greatest change in fashion this year! 



What impact might you hope to have on fashion through your work?


Through our work, we aspire to transform the way people envision and engage with fashion. We want to inspire dreams of a future filled with beauty, hope, and joy, irrespective of the challenges our world may face. Our legacy aims to be one of enduring beauty, inspiring individuals not just on Earth but potentially in other solar systems or planets. We dream of a day when our designs, embodying the essence of "Nature-Tech," are worn across the universe, making those who wear them feel beautiful and strong.


Can you suggest a fashion mantra for '24?


Our fashion mantra for 2024 is "Nature-Tech."


This interview has been lightly edited.