A Feel For Fashion: Lala Takahashi


Lala Takahashi, daughter of Jun, the designer of Undercover, and Morishita Riko, a former model and designer of her brand Dorothy Hendricks, has been rocking the fashion scene since her very young age. Living and traveling in the same creative environment as her father encouraged her to develop her own style and attitude. Now she is among the most influential faces on the Japanese scene, and she regularly models for global brands and magazines. Not one to follow trends, she believes that self-expression and a personal point of view have become even more important now and into the future. She projects this mainly through her joint passion for tattoo art and creative makeup.

What creates an emotional response for you in fashion today? 

To pursue what you like without being influenced by trends. I am conscious of not wearing clothes like others. So if trends were to disappear, everyone's individuality could stand out more, and fashion would become more enjoyable.


What are you most curious to know about how designers work, how a collection comes together?

Actually, my father is a designer, so fashion has been close to me since I was young. Referring to the creation part, I would like to know how to make clothes using CGI and AI with the latest technology!


In what ways are you seeing progress in fashion mirroring progress in the wider world? 

To be honest, I'm not sure about the environmental issues arising mainly from the fashion industry, but I feel that leather and other items made from animals should be reduced as much as possible.


If you could change one aspect of how we experience fashion today, what would it be?

I'm aware that this might not sound realistic, but I would take away trends. You should be more free to do your own unique fashion without the influences of them.

What stands out as the most potentially disruptive influence on fashion in the near future? 

Nowadays, social media is a must. Trends have been easily changed by influencers. I think that is the reason why we are so easily swept away by trends. Since I'm also involved in transmitting fashion to the world, I hope that if I become more famous in the future, I can help make trends disappear.


This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.