Satoshi Kondo - Issey Miyake

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Inner distances

From Touareg blues to polar whites, Satoshi Kondo explores the entire palette of humanity in this collection, where earth and sky, water and desert overlap, as in the layering and curling that stretch and enhance the silhouette reflecting infinity. Unshackled, the body ebbs and flows with pleats and flaps, liquid mesh and controlled shifts, from toga to trench coat, from antiquity to science fiction. Bengal roses emerge among tachist prints; geometric volumes open up to undulation; line recomposes itself in the movement that restores a timeless dignity to every presence. Sovereign Issey Miyake.

“It is not created afresh or from out of the blue.

It has existed since ancient times,

Within the act of clothing the human body, In the motion of a piece of cloth.

It is found within reach, and also somewhere far beyond, In the past, in this very moment, as well as in the future.

Unbound by time and space and across history and cultures, Exists a sense of beauty and strength (and of joy and hope).

There, we explore, feel, and grasp,

What has always been, nothing more and nothing less.”

Satochi Kondo