Shiatzy Chen Fall-Winter 2024/2025: A fusion of Eastern heritage and Western influences


"Chinese culture is the essential DNA of the brand," explains Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, also known as Madame Wang. In 1978, the designer founded Shiatzy Chen in Taipei and has been driving the house to ever-increasing success ever since. A pioneer in blending traditional Chinese craftsmanship and design with Western influences, Shiatzy Chen's deeply rooted heritage runs through every aspect of the brand's Fall-Winter 2024 collection.

As Madame Wang tells it, "The theme of the new collection is ‘Scene of Ink’. We wanted to recreate the ink flowing, spreading on the Xuan paper," elaborating on motifs such as ink stamps, highlighting the in-depth study of "ink phenomena.” In Traditional Chinese culture, there’s the notion of ‘The four treasures of the study,’ comprising brush, paper, ink and ink stone. “Those elements have become the four treasures because of their ability to integrate Chinese painting, calligraphy, artistic sculpture and cultural decoration.” she explains. 


Shiatzy Chen has earned worldwide recognition for its exceptional expertise in embroidery and weaving techniques. To recreate "the spreading of ink on paper,” the creative team used different patterns, metallic jacquard and a layering process to recreate "the energy of ink" and its movements. The collection is also inspired by the artistic and cultural heritage of the Song dynasty, renowned for its advanced art, culture, and technology. The brand integrates its silhouettes and cutting techniques into its creations, creating a fusion of Eastern elegance and Western sophistication. That's why this collection “is also inspired by the Western-style costume of the 1960s,” she says. 


"It's the consistency that is passed down to different generations." 


Madame Wang emphasises the brand's commitment to creating long-lasting designs that transcend fleeting trends, insisting on the importance of spirit and consistency in each season's creations. "We hope our classics can reach the younger generations," she adds when discussing how these elements contribute to the distinctiveness of Shiatzy Chen's collections. Shiatzy Chen's mission is epitomised by the term “neo-Chinese chic,” which Madame Wang describes as the brand's commitment to honouring tradition with a contemporary edge. She reflects on how “consistency has been passed down through different generations,” noting the brand's ongoing efforts to create designs that honour its Asian heritage. At Shiatzy Chen, style maintains substance over time, undiminished.


“Debuting menswear at Paris Fashion Week marked a new chapter.”


While the company added a menswear line in 1987, it only showcased the collection during Paris Fashion Week in March 2023, marking a new chapter in the brand's evolution. “After Covid, we thought it was time for a new departure. When discussing the adaptation of ancestral techniques and the fusion of Eastern and Western influences into menswear, Madame Wang says, “Menswear is more complementary than womenswear with Eastern codes. It has the same concept, the same spirit as in Eastern [dressing]." Shiatzy Chen collaborated with Brazilian artist Daniela Busarello for the Spring-Summer 2024 show and is open to future collaborations that celebrate Chinese culture and creativity. “The last collaboration left a great impression, and it seems like there was a common language between the artist and Shiatzy Chen.”


Shiatzy Chen debuted at Paris Fashion Week in October 2008, a significant milestone in the brand’s global presence and recognition. By November 2009, the company became a member of the Fédération (known at that time as the Chambre syndicale du prêt-à-porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode), which solidified its position within the fashion industry. This new collection is a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to honouring traditional Chinese craftsmanship, while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity.