PFW® Partners: Tranoï and Shinsegae


To mark the launch of their BtoB platform, ‘kfashion82 curated by SHINSEGAE’, the cult Korean department store chain Shinsegae (13 department stores in South Korea) took over the Palais Brongniart and presented, in a dedicated space, a selection of 7 Korean designers to be found on their platform:

How is the power of korean showbiz helping young korean brands?

Currently, various brands with creativity, not just limited to domestic Korean trends as K-showbiz is being globally recognized, are launched every year, while only some new brands that are sensitive to internal trends in Korea could survive in the past. The common point of newly launched brands is that they all have their own confidence that they can be understood among Millennials and Gen Z even if they are not fit to Korean trends.  


What is the plus of korean creativity?

The creativity in Korean fashion trend is that brands have added traditional Korean sense based on Western apparel style. Although the fashion has been westernized for about 100 years, it also has its own feature based on Korean emotion and its history. The creativity of Korea, which is welcomed globally, has proved its power over K-pop, K-beauty, and K-food. 


Is it an aesthetic language that could be understood in the western countries?

As most of Korean fashion designers developed designs and had education based on Western apparel style, except for some Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes) designers, I believe the creativity mentioned above could be accepted in Western countries as well. 


What tools could be used to enter European markets?

We’re now planning 3 ways to introduce Korean fashion to European market including department store, boutique, online commerce, showroom, etc., The first way is to take part in a trade show or exhibition related to K-contents, secondly, to open an offline pop-up store through a distributor or showroom, lastly, to let customers experience and purchase fashion items through online platform at any time and from anywhere.