A Feel For Fashion: Ari Seth Cohen


The birth of Ari Seth Cohen’s ingenious idea, Advanced Style, began with Bluma, his late grandmother who he considered his best friend. A librarian, she made him realise that anyone can be creative, enthusiastic and stylish at every age breaking all the clichés. He gradually began photographing people over 60 and in 2008, he launched the blog, which evolved into a widely popular pillar devoted to capturing the sartorial sense of the senior set. From this came several books (the first, from 2012, has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide), followed by a documentary released in 2014. Currently, he is working on a forthcoming book, Advanced Pets.

What excites you in fashion right now? 

I am constantly inspired by personal expression. I love to see the mix of vintage and contemporary, and the breaking down of gender norms in fashion. I always look to older women for style inspiration. For me, dressing up is about expressing one's spirit and creativity. Style has the power to bring visibility to the often unseen.


What is one reason to be optimistic about the state of fashion going forward? 

A move towards more sustainable production.


In what ways do you think AI might benefit fashion? 

I am a bit skeptical of AI. Many AI photographers and operating systems have used my archives to create works that mirror my images. I'm a bit old-fashioned. I love things that are handmade. There will be a strong reaction against AI with a movement of people returning to skills and crafts that cannot be duplicated by computer systems.


Who or what will drive the greatest change in fashion this year? 

More than anything I think we need to be thinking about the impact we have on this planet and the people who create the clothing we love to wear. 


What impact might you hope to have on fashion through your work? 

I created Advanced Style over 16 years ago to bring visibility to the creativity and spirit of the senior set. Over the past decade I have seen a huge shift towards embracing age diversity on the runways and in campaigns. Many of the women I photograph believe in sustainability and choose to wear vintage and upcycled fashions. My goal is to help people to feel good about themselves and about aging. 

Can you suggest a fashion mantra for '24? 

Shop Your Closets.


This interview has been lightly edited.