A Feel For Fashion: Catherine Baba


There is an ineffable couture spirit to Catherine Baba – not just her singular style, which turns heads whether at parties or when spotted cycling through Paris. But also in how she remains a true original in a world of increasing sameness. Originally from Sydney, she has spent more than two decades in the fashion world. A creative director, stylist, and costumier she founded DEVOTION PARIS last year in order to develop creative collaborations for cancer research. “A celebration of life for life,” it is an ongoing initiative that is close to her art and will involve some forthcoming projects that reflect her deep connections and incomparable flair.

Photo shot by François Goizé at the Devotion Gala, December 2022

Photo shot by François Goizé at the Devotion Gala, December 2022

What creates an emotional response for you in fashion today?


More storytelling! Personal, global, inspirational, aspirational. Brilliant techniques, attention to detail & a heavenly global vision for future timelessness. Where all senses are seduced and sustainability is a reality and not an afterthought. Less copy and paste, social media, disposable sensationalism inferno!


What are you most curious to know about how designers work, how a collection comes together?


JADORE elevated research and a celebration of creativity, construction, thought process. New dynamics and aerodynamic execution with a concrete preservation footprint! 


In what ways are you seeing progress in fashion mirroring progress in the wider world? 


Fashion is lagging. More needs to be done with new technologies to sustain longevity in luxury and mainstream!


If you could change one aspect of how we experience fashion today, what would it be?


Consuming less. More quality than quantity!


What stands out as the most potentially disruptive influence on fashion in the near future?


Obviously AI. Especially in fast fashion. Ideally, producing less & more conscientiously. Educating consumers and elevating awareness!