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Mohammed Ashi founded his brand in 2007 in Saudi Arabia, moving his atelier to Paris 11 years later. His fashion education started at Esmod, and after graduating, he began learning the secrets of couture secrets at Givenchy followed by Elie Saab. These experiences allowed him to improve his skills and broaden his vision, becoming a favourite designer among royals and celebrities such as Queen Rania of Jordan, Zendaya, Cardi B and Beyoncé. The commitment for his country stays very strong: being recently appointed as a mentor for Saudi’s Fashion Commission, he will advise the institutions to reach new goals in local fashion and related social matters. Ashi has been the first Saudi designer to show on the official Haute Couture calendar.

What is one reason to be optimistic about the state of fashion going forward?


I always thought that there were infinite reasons to be optimistic about fashion. It is a way to translate the time and people’s mindset, a way to express their identity. The constant cycle and how we reinvent the trends is fascinating. I’m always eager to see what the future generation of designers will do.


In what ways do you think AI might benefit fashion?


Any tool that is a way to go beyond in terms of creativity is a benefit. It’s a powerful tool the fashion world has already embraced in multiple ways and I’m sure that the years to come will surprise us with even more fashion and technology. 


Who or what will drive the greatest change in fashion this year?


These societal changes and how we are impacted by what’s happening in the world is the biggest driver in fashion especially with social media where everything is instantly linked.


What impact might you hope to have on fashion?


Following the steps of great masters such as Cristóbal Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent, I hope, in my small way, to convey a certain idea of elegance.


In these fast paced times, how do you think the slowness of haute couture can survive?


Craftsmanship is a slow and precious knowledge. I can’t imagine a world where it’s not valued. For me, there are two fashion worlds living side by side but competing with each other. Isn't time considered the ultimate luxury?


Which is your relationship with the craftspeople you work with? Is it hard to find new ones to work with?


Couture savoir-faire is inestimable. It allows us to offer our customers sustainable clothing. It is important that this knowledge endures over time. I’m lucky to be based in the best city to access the people and atelier. 


Can you suggest a fashion mantra for 2024?


Timeless changes. 


This interview has been lightly edited.